How to Choose Pure Copper Jug?

The trend of using copper drinkware is back again in the contemporary world. You can easily find numerous people using copper bottles, jugs, mugs and dispensers in their daily routine. Since more people have started using copper products like jugs- there has been a rapid increase in their demand. And, now that there are countless retailers, how can you choose the right copper jug?

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Don’t fret! Below we’ve listed certain factors you may consider while purchasing a copper jug. Have a look-

1.The Concentration of Copper in the Jug

As copper is not the most robust metal, its ductile properties come at the expense of its reduced hardness. This means that copper is combined with other metals like nickel or tin to make a jug that stays durable for a long time. However, when you purchase a handmade copper jug set online, ensure that the vessel is not compromising on copper’s purity. In other words, more copper must automatically uphold a better quality of copper vessels.

2. Value of Money

There’s no secret that copper items are a bit pricey as copper itself is quite expensive. And, if you are looking forward to buying the best quality copper jug, do not cringe to spend money. Although numerous copper vessels manufacturers charge way more than the actual cost- their prices don’t match the quality of the product. Therefore, you need to do some research to get an exact price range of pure copper jugs and then purchase one. 

3. Seller’s Legitimacy

Along with checking the quality and price, the credibility of a seller is just as important. As there are a plethora of sellers offering a handmade jug set online, it becomes important to make a purchase from a reputable seller. You can check the credibility of a seller by browsing their website or by reading the reviews and feedback from customers who have purchased products from the store. This way, you will be sure where to buy the best quality copper jug online.

4. After-sales support

Apart from a seller’s credibility, another important factor to consider is after-sales customer support. Sellers who are confident with the quality of their products do not hesitate to offer a lifetime warranty, 100% refund, and returns policy to their customers. 

 5. Designs

Last but not the least, when you have so many eye-catching designs to choose from, why go for the plain and mundane jugs? Nowadays, there are a variety of designs available in jugs, hammered beautifully by craftsmen. And, the fact that copper accepts colourful paints leads to all kinds of creative experiments. 

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