How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Climate change is one of the most overwhelming challenges we have to face every year. The science of understanding climate change is intricate, and when we talk of the future impacts- a lot of them are still unknown. Human activities for the past 200 years have made all species stand on the brink of environmental damage. While the best and the most effective solutions will require action on a global scale, there are things we can do on a personal level to minimise the damage. And, reducing your carbon footprint is one such integral part of the action. Let us help you understand what it means and the steps you can take.

What Is Carbon Footprint?

A Carbon Footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions due to the production, use and end-of-life of products and daily life activities of human beings. It comprises carbon dioxide, the gas most commonly emitted, and others such as methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to global warming. 

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Transportation, housing and food contribute to a bulk portion of an individual’s carbon footprint. Our actions and lifestyle choices play a major role in how our environment works. Therefore, by slightly changing your practices and behaviours, you can contribute towards enhancing the health of our environment. Below we’ve outlined some ways you can use to reduce your carbon footprint. Let’s have a look-

1. Reduce energy Usage At Home

From dryers to air conditioners and from fridges to water heaters, a lot of old household appliances consume electricity in huge amounts that add to your carbon footprint. With time, there have been some major advancements in technologies and energy over the past decades- indicating you can now replace your old appliances with new ones that consume minimal energy. This will help you not only reduce your energy use but also save a significant amount of money on the bills of the appliances over time. So, when you shop for electronics, look for products with Energy Star labels, compare efficiencies and then buy one!

2. Buy Eco-friendly Products

Plastics serve as a massive drain to our finite natural resources and are a major contributor to greenhouse gases emissions. They do not decompose completely and fill the soil with toxic chemicals. To reduce the use of wasteful plastics, you may start using products made by climate-neutral companies. These firms use green and reusable materials in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and pay for whatever carbon they remove. And, remember to start this change from your home. For example- you can replace your plastic bottles and dispensers with those made of Copper. Purchasing utensils like the best-hammered copper water bottle online will serve dual benefits- decreasing your carbon footprint and you can get health benefits of copper for your body. 

3. Transportation 

Another change you can make to reduce your carbon footprint is to change your transportation. Choosing public transport or carpooling instead of driving your car to places can have a significant impact on the climate as vehicles are one of the biggest greenhouse emissions’ sources. 

4. Reuse

All that you throw away after use adds up to your carbon footprint. Although it's impossible to completely reduce the amount of waste to zero, you can minimise it by purchasing more non-disposable products that last longer. You can give most of your belongings such as shopping bags, containers, coffee cups a new life rather than discarding them, whether for yourself or by giving them to someone else to use. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it's reducing your travel, minimizing waste, turning your trash into useful riches or spending less time in the shower, there's a vast list of things you can do to rescue your carbon footprint. So if you wish to take the first step towards it by purchasing utensils such as copperware, Anvore can help you. Our range of eco-friendly drinkware is handmade from 100% pure copper. If you are looking forward to purchasing online eco-friendly drinkware, connect with us today!