About Us

Want to know who we are? Are we just another e-commerce retailer?

Anvore is built on the premise of sustainability and everything we do here has some positive impact on the environment, community and the consumers lives. It is not a reselling platform where we are selling you some goods that we would never use ourselves. Every product we source has to meet some tough criteria or selection process to ensure that it relates to our brand values and integrity.

We started our journey in 2020 when the world got to a standstill due to Covid pandemic and everyone around the world realize the impact that our usual activities had on the environment. Businesses kept sourcing cheap products that cost the nature and consumers too in order to make profit. This is when 'Anvore' was born with the idea that e-commerce business could have a positive impact on the planet if profit is not the goal and serving is the main focus for the business.

After a lot of consideration, we have decided to launch our e-commerce store with copper products. One interesting fact about copper is that it was the first material ever used by humans and it is still widely used due to its numerous health benefits. We will be bringing in more categories as we go on our journey to becoming the best e-commerce platform in the UK.

Our Mission/Vision

We aim to make Anvore the go to place for high-quality, handmade, sustainable and affordable products with an Indian origin. As the awareness for sustainability grows, we aim to provide consumers with the choice of products that they will be proud of owning.

Our Values

Integrity - We strive to be honest in all our business relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Fairness/transparency - To be fair in terms of business practices for e.g. adding correct postage charges, accurate product info and providing real estimates in terms of delivery.

Sustainability - To integrate sustainability in our business practices and promote sustainability at every opportunity.

Customer satisfaction over profit - To prioritize the satisfaction of our customer over profit by providing the best value to our customers from the point they place the order to the after sale.