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Eco Drinkware

Q] Are your copper products made of original copper?

Yes, all of our copper products are made of high-quality pure copper material. It is better than most on the market with more than 98% of copper used in our copper vessels. Premium quality guaranteed! We can also provide a authenticity certificate for your assurance so please shop with full confidence. 

Q] Are you copper products insulated/coated from inside?

Currently, all our copper products are copper material inside out. They are not insulated and are made to reap the full benefits of copper charged water. However, as some of our customers requested coated copper mugs, we are in the process of bringing them to our store soon. Then, you can enjoy hot and cold beverages in it such as tea/coffee, mocktail etc. 

Q] Can I drink hot drinks (tea/coffee) in your copper mugs?

As answered in the previous question, our copper mug set has been designed purely for drinking water in it. However, our customers will soon be having the option to choose from pure copper mug which is copper material inside out to nickel coated and steel coated mugs which can used for other beverages. 

Q] How long should you store water to have full benefits of copper vessel?

With copper vessels, it is best to store water overnight and drink it first thing in the morning as the water in the vessel is charged with copper properties. 

Q] Can I drink in copper vessel all year round?

We would not recommend drinking from copper vessels all year round. Ideally, you should take a break for a month after every 3 months so that your body does not have excess copper from the everyday use. 

Q] How often should I clean my copper product?

Ideally. it would be best to clean after 2 to 3 weeks of use. However, you can also clean it monthly as our copper products are high-quality and would retain the copper colour for longer than most copper vessels on the market. 

Q] How should I clean my copper vessel?

We recommend using lemon and salt to wash our copper products and avoid any chemical substances. We will soon post a video showing how you can wash it properly. 

Q] Is copper better than stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a good alternative to plastic products. However, copper has so many benefits which even stainless steel cannot offer. In Asian countries, people have been using copper vessels for ages and surprisingly copper is known to be the first metal ever used by humans. 

Q] Can your copper bottle leak by any chance?

Our copper bottles come with a twisted cap with rubber to avoid spillages. It is pretty good for avoiding any spillage as long as you have tighten the cap securely. So, feel free to throw it in your bag with confidence. 

Q] What is the greatest benefit of using copper vessels?

There are numerous benefits of using copper vessels. However, one of the best benefit is that it improves digestion and can help you lost or maintain weight. By the way, even our body needs a certain amount of copper for its healthy function. 

Q] Can I put my copper bottle in a refrigerator or freezer?

Absolutely not! It can even explode. You can put water from the refrigerator into it but should not put the water bottle in the refrigerator. 

Q] Can you drink any other beverages in copper vessels?

Copper products are mainly designed for water storage and drinking purposes so that you can reap full benefits of copper material. However, there are certain copper products such as nickel coated copper mug set which can be used for beverages such as cocktail/mocktail. It will be soon available on our store.

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