Pure Copper Mug Set of 2 | Handmade, Premium Quality and Eco-friendly | Tons of Health Benefits | 380 Ml

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Looking for a mug set with health benefits? 

If yes, then look no further and check out this set of copper mug which is handmade and hammered by talented craftsmen in India. It has got a ton of health benefits plus it is environment friendly. It is ideal for gifts and comes in a nice box making it an ideal present for your close ones. To reap the full benefits from this product, store water in it overnight and drink copper charged water first thing in the morning.

 How does it work?

Copper vessels have been used for many centuries and they are great for their antibacterial and alkalizing properties. When you store water in a copper vessel, it releases copper ions into the water which helps the user to reap so many health benefits from it.

Health Benefits of using copper vessels

- Helps you maintain your body's PH level. The water from a copper vessel is naturally more alkaline.
- Kills bacteria and slow down ageing.
- Helps you maintain weight and aids digestive process.
- Helps you meet your required amount of copper for its daily function.
- Stimulates the brain and supports the thyroid gland.
- Keeps your skin looking great.

Why should you purchase from Anvore?

- Made from 100% Pure Copper. Superior quality you will hardly find on the market.
Super Shiny Copper Design (stands out from normal copper products)
- Best for all weather types and great companion to meet your daily water needs.

Size Specification (per mug)

Weight - 157 g

Height - 10 cm

Diameter (measured from center) - around 10 cm

Little Disclaimer

Note: that this is a pure copper mug set and should only be used for water storage and drinking. It is not for other beverages such as tea or coffee. Also, buyer may have to pay the VAT and duty in their country (if levied) if they are purchasing from outside the UK.

One last disclaimer, as it is a handmade product, you may find some minor imperfections (rare though) which does not affect the functionality of the product at all.

Anvore is committed to bringing high-quality products that are handmade and environment friendly to its customers. Check out our other products too.

Thank You!